I was raped more than 40 years ago. I never told – Larkin Warren

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I’m terribly proud of my friend, Larkin Warren, for telling this horrifying story. I’m terribly sorry that she’s had to live with this for 40 years. 

Why did I keep that secret for so long? I had every reason in the world

Source: I was raped more than 40 years ago. I never told

“So — are we at a watershed moment? Are the revelations, the sorrow, the shame, the defenses, the creepy covert investigations of women daring to speak out, the onlookers who decide who’s a perfect victim versus who’s a questionable one, the survivors who name names (including their own), the men we thought were good guys who turned out not to be — is all this indicative of some kind of magical vanguard that will change the workplace, the home place, the working conditions of women and girls and boys in restaurants, hotels, theaters, summer camps, high schools, offices, even churches?”