stopping is not arriving

“In a Zen koan, someone said that an enlightened man is not one who seeks Buddha or finds Buddha, but simply an ordinary man who has nothing left to do. Yet stopping is not arriving. To stop is to stay a million miles from it and to do nothing is to miss it by the whole width of the universe.

“As for arriving, when you arrive you are ruined. Yet how close the solution is: how simple it would be to have nothing more to do if only one had really nothing more to do.

“The man who is unripe cannot get there, no matter what he does or does not do. But the ripe fruit falls out of the tree without even thinking about it. Why?

“The man who is ripe discovers there was never anything to be done from the very beginning.”

– Thomas Merton’s Journal, March 10, 1963

“Every concept grasped by the mind becomes an obstacle in the quest for those who search.”

– Gregory of Nyssa


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