wounds and scars


On this day in 1944, my Dad was a 25 year-old first lieutenant in the 4th infantry, leading the men in a landing craft like this into really unknown waters.
He made it to the outskirts of Ste. Mere Eglise, where he was hit with grenade shrapnel. His left arm and hand were significantly damaged; shrapnel remained in his body for the rest of his too-short life, including in his eyes.
He’s always been my hero.
This poem is for him, William John Schulz, Jr.

Wounds and Scars

I have two noticeable scars
one on my forehead

from falling with a girl
on my back the other from

breaking a salt shaker in my hand
just before my first divorce

some wounds heal
from the inside out

raw and open for months
some wounds may never scar

Jesus had holy wounds
and Hemingway of course

Francis of Assisi had stigmata
as if Jesus was inside him

my father had shrapnel wounds
from a battle in France

I’d touch the scar on his chin
and he’d growl then laugh

over and over until
we both laughed and cried

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